18 April 2010

How to make easy pregnan

For a start, often do sexual relationship and make sure that the semen does not overflow.So do not wake up after sex, do not move the body because of excessive body movement will cause stress to the stomach and the production of semen from the vaginal reservoir.

The most important not to close or straighten the legs and thighs never kemut vagina! It will reject the wind out of the vagina which will also reject the semen out of vagina.

Other things that prevented the fabric to the groin to insert because it will absorb the sperm! Sometimes also play a role in maintaining position retention of semen into the vagina. Women with a uterus the positioning on the back will find that every time after intercourse, the penis was removed after ejaculation, the semen will follow the pair out.

How to overcome this problem is to do with inserting erection intercourse from behind with the woman in the position.This position will make the uterus is located in front and make the end of the vaginal area and provide adequate space for the semen sediment!

Time began with the emergence of women's fertile mucous salivary common types out a few days before the eggs hatch (ovulation). Time of ovulation is an indication or feeling pain at pubic level several days after the visible mucus. Some of these markers can be identified a large number of women if they are tracking closely.

The most important things when planning for sex during the fertile couples are not forced to have sex if the partner does not seem ready. If couples feel pressured, sometimes he can not ejaculate or failure in the relationship will not work seksual.Ini feel restless and uneasy, and ultimately 'secondary impotence.